Tips for everyday adventure.

I know that going on any adventure or outing with kids usually requires some form of pre-planning. There are a few things I keep in my car as a standard to always be "adventure ready" but do take into account that my vehicle isn't your run of the mill everyday sedan. My thinking with this post is you could probably customize this to suit your own family needs and/or space availability.

  • I always have beach towels in the car, usually 2. This just helps dust off, dry off any residual mud, rain, sand or grass.

  • A black bag. If not for taking our trash with us, you can throw your muddy shoes/wet clothing into the bag and safeguard the car (sort of).

  • A spare set of clothing for the kids, this usually comprises of a warm fleece top, warm pants, underwear and socks. In summer I throw in shorts and a tee, in winter a rain jacket and wellies.

  • There is always a fishing rod or 2 strapped to the roof of the car. Previously I found that taking unrigged rods just wastes precious fishing time. I have a basic tackle box, with various size hooks and lures. I also seem to always have a tin of sweet corn in the drawer sliders, incase the lures prove me no luck.

  • I always have multiple combat /utility knives with me, this one is my fav. DOW camo folding knife not only can it be used in emergency situations (seat belt cutter, window smasher) or perhaps self defense, should that need ever arrive. It also slices through biltong magically, and cuts flings strips, because no one usually carries a scissors in their back pocket. (My friends might argue that I do)

  • Sunglasses are a staple in the vehicle, we always have sunglasses specifically polarized.

  • A phone charger is a mandatory accessory, in fact it's an extra charger that simply stays in the car. There have been times in the past where my mobile phone has been on 10% and I am in the middle of no where needing direction home. This causes way too much anxiety for me.

  • I've recently thrown in 2 hammocks into the car, these super compact hammocks come with integrated storage pouch so you can take it with you anywhere.I have the Naturehike Africa's Double Hammock, R599 Packed Dimensions: 200 x 120mm. Load bearing capacity: 180 KG

  • First Aid kit this is an important one. I always have an extensive first aid kit in the car. I purchased the 360 DEGREES COMPREHENSIVE FIRST AID KIT from Outdoor Warehouse for R899 to start off with and as time has gone on we simply add to it or replace once something is finished or expired. Things you may need to add are kiddy friendly meds i.e. panando. Some time ago I attempted to BMX on my daughters new BMX at GUMTRAILZ - (read about that spot in LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION.) I attempted some of the tiny ramps and obviously I misjudged myself and fell, much to my kids entertainment who were filming me...also read "you are too old for this shit". None the less I ended up slicing my shin open to the bone, luckily I had my first aid kit and hobbled along to the car and patched myself up. (wound spray, dettol, steristrips)

  • Hair ties, as a mom of a daughter with long thick hair, although beautiful, it can be annoying with hair blowing in your face a