Location: Wijnland Auto Museum

I am sure most of you have driven past the aeroplane and heap of old rusty cars on the N1 outbound towards Paarl. We always point it out to the young ones, but have never actually been there.

Wijnland Auto Museum, one of the most interesting places to visit that not only contains an unbelievable amount of history, but one of the most incredible collections of vintage cars you will ever see in your life!

There are cars everywhere, from gloriously restored vintage cars, to super cars to an array of rust buckets.

As we arrived my youngest was shouting out the makes of the cars he saw. Much to Les's delight and intrigue that my 4 year old can identify Ferrari and Mustangs.

We saw tanks, old cars that look like “mater” from the disney movie cars, some super cars, some really old cars and the highlight was boarding Convair 580, a replica of the fastest vehicle on earth (to me it looked like something Gru from Minions would drive), chevies, pontiacs, continentals, a police car that was actually used on the set of Fast and furious, an ambulance that we are convinced was used in Ghostbusters, Lamborghini’s, a yellow and black mustang that makes us think of Bumblebee the Transformer, Ford F150's, Studebaker. There is literally way too many to even mention.