Located in the heart of Durbanville hills, this place has been around since I was a teenager. I forgot about this place for many years!

None the less I remembered it a couple of years back, and promptly took my kids.

My youngest was still riding one of those plastic push bikes. It works great on the pump track. My older kids were riding mountain bikes.

There are some smaller ramps for the kids to enjoy , a little pump track and then some bigger ones for the brave. Although the more you go there with your kids the braver they become and try out more daring jumps.

You need to watch out for the bmx guys and not walk on the lines other use you risk having a head on collision with a bmx'er and it probably won't end well for both parties.

I usually find going in the weekday mornings less busier.

It's an absolute must to wear helmets and closed shoes, we've have some bad experiences with toes being grated open. Remember that first aid kit... it comes in handy.

The guys have been building these tracks for years, a lot of blood sweat and tears have gone into building. If you do take your young ones, please make sure they don't destroy or hack away at the tracks. Stay off the face of big jumps. Just be respectful.

And if you do see someone damaging what looks like a track, please go ahead and tell them off.

This is a public park and I've even hosted one of my kids bday parties here, I did however get hold of the group of guys who build and ask if it's ok, considering the amount of work that goes into this.

The bmx guys are super cool, if your kid is starting to bmx or show interest in the sport, they have a wealth of knowledge and are always super keen to share knowledge and tick tips.

Some advice: take a first aid kit with, picnic blanket and snacks / water, phone for picture,

Our kids have fallen many times and broken bike chains, snapped off brake handles, parts have come loose on bikes. take some sort of a Bike Multitool with. a broken bike isn't a fun way to end the