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LOCATION: Boland Park

This is a beautiful open space where you can exercise, relax and enjoy a stunning view.

Some time ago they did extensive upgrades of installing an outdoor gym and footpaths.

There is seating under well shaded areas. So mom/dad can actually relax whilst the kids stay in view.

We were rather unprepared today but there is a stunning spar opposite the park, so we grabbed some picnic snacks and headed over.

It was a delight to see one of the older type of jungle gyms. Brings back memories of my childhood.

Its so chilled there and the kids collected pinecones for the fire.

Currently the tiny little flowers are covering the field, and so many bugs and bees out on a days work. Which was pretty educational for the kids.

Take some bikes, a picnic blanket, snacks maybe even a book to read for mom😉

Gps co-ords: (-33.8170799, 18.6605588)

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