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LOCATION: Blakes Beach

This is probably one of my most favorite little spots in the Cape. When you catch the tide correctly it's just magical for the kids.

You want to go when the tide is at its lowest or at least pushing out. When the tide is low, most of the rocks and pools are exposed which makes it super easy to find sea life and the rich biodiversity in the rock pools.

We've gone to this spot numerous times in winter and summer but things you want to watch for is wind and tide.

I use magicseaweed to check the tides and a range of weather apps to gauge the temp, wind direction etc. Windy, Accuweather and my native iPhone weather app.

Obviously the best is to have little to no wind, but these days are far and few between in the western cape. However, you do want to go on a day when the wind is offshore if it's a colder day. This just means the wind doesn't blow from the ocean, onshore could result in a chill factor. I have been there with my kids on an early sunny morning but the onshore wind made it rather unpleasantly cold, so pack extra warm clothes Wellies and beanies.

We have caught mudskippers, hermit crab, starfish, sand shark, sand crabs and mudprawns and even octopus to name a few. Much to my kids and my deligh.

Take along a bucket for the kids to the kids to create a mini habitat when they catch something. It really is a great great spot.

This is also a popular fishing spot and somewhat safe. It's awesome for the youngsters and perhaps if you are new to fishing.

In summer you can catch Garrick, Leervis, Kob, Spotted Gully's. In winter it's not that great but sometimes Steenbras.

Don't forget to stop for an ice cream on the way out. Best way to end a beach trip.

34°07′00″S 18°49′00″E / 34.11667°S 18.81667°E / -34.11667; 18.81667

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