Maluuk Explores Foundation was founded by Adi Short and 100% female owned.

Maluuk Explores started out as a play on words: "Mom Look" which is something my children have always said to me.

Which turned into a brand and then developed into a humanitarian foundation that thrives to make a difference in areas of impoverished and marginalized communities whilst looking for shared solutions to benefit all of human kind.

A strong focus on children based outreach programs and female upliftment in rural AFRICA.

 A growing interest in conservation initiatives, looking to address conservation, humanitarian, education, and social development needs wherever I find myself .

I am a adventurer by heart and have a great love for exploring the outdoors, adventure and experiences. 

Overlanding & Outdoors is where it all began, I wanted  to tie in my love for all things outdoor with doing good something worthwhile on this planet 

My lifes motto "experience over stuff"

Join me as I try change the outcome of young people one project at a time.


Image by Annie Spratt

It's estimated that one in 10 girls in Africa will miss school when they have their periods.1  
Missing days at school can lead girls to drop out altogether, putting them at greater risk of child marriage, and getting pregnant at a younger age.


"Meeting the hygiene needs of all adolescent girls is a fundamental issue of human rights, dignity, and public health."

Sanjay Wijesekera, former UNICEF Chief of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene


The world’s largest unmet disability is poor vision, but partnering with Global Vision 2020 to end this global epidemic is simple. The USee Vision Kit™ is used to provide prescription eyeglasses to hundreds of school children and staff. The simplicity of the system, along with the training provided by the Global Vision 2020 team, allowed volunteers to provide prescription eyeglasses to people who normally do not have access to vision care